Vlisco is one of the official sponsors of this year’s Miss Nigeria Pageant. During the airing of the reality show on 11 November, Vlisco will be surprising the contestants with a styling workshop. And, during the finals show on 18 November, the finalists will shine in Vlisco evening gowns made with fabrics from the new ‘Delicate Shades’ collection.

Vlisco has decided to work together with the Miss Nigeria Pageant because it wants to give young female talents the chance of a good future. For years, Miss Nigeria has been an established name and offers an excellent stepping stone for women towards a successful career and independence.

The Miss Nigeria Pageant reality show will be aired from 5-17 November 2011 on AIT from 6:00 – 6:30 PM and the Grand Final on 18 November from 9.00-10.00 PM. Magic World will air the reality show from 20 November – 2 December from 7:00 – 7:30 PM and the Final on 3 December on 7:00 PM. For 14 days, 37 contestants will live together in one house and carry out a number of assignments. The 20 participants who ‘survive’ this period in the house will compete during the finals for the title of Miss Nigeria 2011.

During the reality show on 11 November (aired on AIT), Vlisco will be organising a styling event for contestants, who will be staying in the house for two weeks. They will be given the task of adding the finishing styling touches to their Vlisco outfit, complete with accessories, to create a stunning evening look. Tjarda Wessels, a Vlisco stylist, will be giving the ladies tips on the right look for their personality and how they can dress appropriately for a formal occasion.

During the last part of the finals on 18 November (to be aired on AIT), the contestants will radiate in their Vlisco evening gowns. The gowns are specially designed for the Miss Nigeria Pageant and will bring out the true feminine beauty of the finalists. The fabrics are all part of the new ‘Delicate Shades’ collection launched on 1 November.