Vlisco Group and Kinabuti Fashion Initiative unite forces by offering a specialized tailoring master class training to local women who desire to take their passion to the next level of international standard.

On the 22nd of September 2014, 15 motivated and talented tailors started a masterclass at Kinabuti’s premises in Lagos. The aim of the training is to acquire high level tailoring skills and education in business administration. The training will run for 4 months. At the end of the training in December the best students will be retained and offered to work with Vlisco Group and produce a fashion capsule collection. This collection will be sold and all profits will be given back to the Academy students as a start-up capital.

Vlisco Group has chosen to partner with Kinabuti Fashion Initiative as they share the same drive of facilitating and empowering women through the ‘3 L’s’: learning, labor and leadership. The scope of the project is to create a pool of ambitious and highly qualified tailors that can produce tailor-made outfits for Vlisco Group. For Vlisco Group, the investment in the African fashion world and the empowerment of women, are the drivers for a long lasting initiative: creating a platform that connects African’s fashion talent and creativity with the knowledge and activities of Vlisco Group in the African and global fashion world.

International trainer of repute, Ms Rehana Begum, will facilitate the project. She is a graduate from the world-renowned Saint Martin School of Fashion in London, England, and has previously worked with Kinabuti fashion Initiative on various skills acquisition programs. Besides her expert knowledge on fashion she has also several years of working experience with underprivileged women.

‘The aim of the training is to acquire high level tailoring skills and education in business administration.’